Merits and Demerits of Online Gaming


Online gaming is considered as one the top emergent trend in the new generation. As far as kids are concerned, it is both harmful and useful for them. Therefore, it is not prudent to keep them completely away from playing games. You may be doing them more damage than good if you prohibit them from gaming.

In this guide, we will discuss few solutions to make online gaming a pleasant and harmless experience for kids, by considering their drawbacks and benefits.


Some demerits of playing games online for children:

  • The Internet is a huge network through which you can get a huge amount of data and information. Children can download games from unknown sites. As a consequence, kids may download malicious software, viruses, and spam, etc.
  • A lot of scammers on the internet always makes schemes and plans to take unjustified advantage of kids. They are tricked and scammed and can also be harassed and abused online.

The merits of playing games online for children:

  • Online gaming helps your kids to become mentally more active and sharper. The games usually have different missions or levels to be accomplished in restricted times. This lets the children learn about competition and time management.
  • Online games improve the hand coordination and mental le This is one of the major and vital benefits that the children get when they play games online. Kids learn to synchronize their hand’s actions with the mind. While carrying out those actions, mental strength of kids also develops.
  • Children are likely to become active within society, as they intermingle and engage in recreation with absolute strangers online. Their social life becomes amazing.

Precautionary measures:

It is agreeable that online gaming has a number of negative aspects, but parents and elders can still guard their children against becoming sufferers to online scams. Since online gaming is very constructive for children, parents should stay away from prohibiting their kids from online gaming. Instead, you should create some firm rules for them.

  • Confidentiality – You must teach children to keep their personal information confidential, particularly not to put it ever on the anonymous sites.
  • Most of the gaming sites require passwords to access. Tell your children not to share their passwords with other people or sites to avoid getting hacked and getting cheated.
  • They should never give out their personal or real names online unless the website has a good reputation.
  • You may tell them some common manners e.g. playing the fair game with other players.
  • Do not trust any person whom you come across online. Do not agree to meet them physically.
  • Most notably, online gaming should be done for only one reason i.e. fun. Doing age restricted activities e.g. gambling should be avoided at any cost.

Final Verdict

Following are few points you should ask your children to follow as a well-wisher. With the following you can make Online Gaming a secure and pleasant experience for them.

  • Antivirus software is extremely crucial, and more notably, you should update it every day. Antivirus guards your system against frequent viruses routinely. Antivirus software also contains features of parental guidance. If you use them, you will be able to keep away from your kids from entering unsafe and illegal sites.
  • You can activate the Child Safety settings manually in computers and hence, all sites will be blocked which you think is not safe for your children to enter.

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